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Why did I choose the name Creamy Milf?

Why did I choose the name Creamy Milf?
I really do have a very creamy milf pussy! My dirty creamy used milf panties soak up my all my sexy scents! I have pictures like this in most of my posts. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Amazing Swingers Cruise!

I just got back from the most amazing swingers cruise! This swingers cruise was a complete swingers takeover, meaning every couple on board was either swingers, or at least extremely open minded. This was, without a doubt, the most incredible vacation I have ever had in my life. My man and I were naked almost the entire time and had more sexual experiences with other sexy couples than most people have in a lifetime. It is amazing how free and sexual couples will get when they know that everyone around them is innterested in sex and knows that NOONE from home is watching! We booked our Swingers Cruise through a company called Dream Pleasure Tours and it was fantastic. I give them my highest recommendation!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Creamy Ovulation cream and squirting MILF housewife!

My Creamy Ovulation Cum coating a pair of panties on their way to an ovulation Fan!
I am a real Creamy Milf with a very creamy and delicious pussy.  Real swingers http:swingerparties.org

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am a HotWIfe Milf

As I have mentioned before, I am a very sexual MILF who loves to get a bit kinky at times.  I absolutely love women and love the taste of pussy, but I love cock even more.  I love to taste a big hard sexy cock that is dripping pre cum.  It makes me cream my panties and cause my pussy to drip.  I get so wet and so turned on when I am sucking a nice cock that my panties always get extra wet and extra creamy.

How hot would it be for me to cream and cum in your panties while I was sucking the cum out of your cock and then peel my dirty cum filled panties off and hand them to you after we were done getting nasty.  You could fill my mouth with cum as I filled your panties with my creamy ovulation cum, and then peel them off while they are still dripping wet.

I am a real swinger and I love to play and get sexy with other hot men and women.  I am a member of  3 different swingers sites depending on what kind of kinky mood I am in.  I have had a few kinky encounters with fans so far and it was a total turn on to me.  The good news is that there are kinky housewives and hotwives like me all over the world that love to meet hot men for sex.  There are also many more men than you might imagine that love to watch their wives get fucked and get nasty with other men.  You just need a profile and a few pics on the right swingers site to make some of your dreams and fantasies a reality.

Here are my 3 favorites and personal recommendations:

Kasidie  This is the classiest and sexiest swingers site and is my personal favorite.  It is a couples site with a lot of very sexy, hot swingers.  If you are a single male then you need to be pretty sexy or have a nice big cock to have good success on Kasidie.  The good news is if you are, then you are going to have some very hot times with other couples.  If the idea of fucking another man's wife while he watches or even joins in makes you hard then you have to get a profile on Kasidie.
 You can start with a free profile by clicking here. 
If you really want to meet others for sex then you will need to fill out your profile and post a few pics.  You may also need to upgrade to a paid account but believe me... IT IS WORTH IT.  This site is so classy and sexy you may even be able to talk your girl into swinging with you.  Believe me, she has fantasized about being with other girls!  Show her this site and make it a reality.  Being a swinging couple is so much fun!

The next site is my favorite if I am travelling because the memebrship is huge.  There are so many swingers and sexy single women and men who are just looking for real sex.  I have had some of my naughtiest times with men and women that I have met here.  I have used it on both of my trips to Europe and I still get wet thinking about the experiences that I had.  There are over 33 million members for a reason!  This site is for real and I GUARANTEE you that there are people in your area that are looking for no strings attached sex right now.  This site even advertises a GET LAID GUARANTEE because the fact is their members sign up because they want to fuck.  You can find ANY FETISH here.  Click here to start with a free account.

The last site is the one I go to when I am feeling extra submissive and want to be treated like a naughty, dirty little slut.  Sometimes I just want to be tied up, spanked, flogged, and fucked.  I am a sub at heart... what can I say?  If you are into bondage, leather, denial, ridicule, BDSM, Sub /master play fem domme, punishment or pain then this is the place for you.  Click here to find your sub or master for free.

Several of my single male friends (or married men who love to fuck hot women on the side) have told me about a site called Fling, and they absolutely rave (brag) about how many hot women they have hooked up with.  I am not a member but they have said that it is full of real women who are just looking for casual sex.  Sounds damn good to me!  Check it out and let me know what you think.  1 of them calls it Fuckbook...  The Facebook for nymphos!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Build your own Fleshlight and save 10% now with this link!

The reviews I have been getting back from the men who have ordered one of these male masturbators have been fantastic. The material they are made of is amazing and I have had 2 men tell me it feels better than a real pussy. Think about it... How often do you masturbate? How much use would you get out of the #1 Male sex toy in the world? Every woman I know has 4 or more sex toys. How many do you have? You have to see the demo video called "See it in action" Extremely explicit... I was dripping wet by the end of it.

Visit the Explicit Fleshlight Info center by clicking here.

Here are a few demos of one of the "Fleshlight girls" Real porn stars that they made perfect molds of their pussies, asses or mouths. These videos are explicit and very hot!

Eva Angelina - Such sexy pussy lips! Teagan Presley - She turns me on!

Friday, April 9, 2010

7 Tips For More Pleasurable and Passionate Sex

7 Tips For More Pleasurable and Passionate Sex

Here are a few fun and sexy ideas to make your lovemaking phenomenal. These are excerpts from an excellent new book from an Oprah Sex expert.

These 7 tips should give you plenty of ideas to
make your midnight sessions more hot, steamy and
passionate, starting today…

1. Become more sensual

While most men want to ‘get the job done’ and reach
the goal of orgasm, for women it’s more about the
journey. Women love to reach climax as much as men
do, but they also love a sensual stroke from your
hand across their leg.

Believe it or not, the ears, neck, arms and hair
are all really sensitive areas that love to be
stimulated. Spend some time during foreplay
caressing and touching these areas, and watch how
it pleases your partner and can even intensify
their orgasm.

2. Try positions proven to increase pleasure

For women: The reverse missionary is identical to
the traditional missionary except that she is on
top. This is probably the easiest position for a
woman to climax because she can control the
friction to her clitoris and/or G-spot.

For men: Practically every animal species utilizes
the rear-entry “doggy-style” position, so it is a
natural one for humans to enjoy, as well. Although
you won’t have face-to-face contact, there are many
benefits. It is great for guys because they have
full control over movement and pleasure.

3. Play bedroom games

Tasteful, fun and alluring sex games are one of the
best ways to intensify orgasms and the entire
lovemaking experience. They’re fun, sexy and have a
lot of replay value.

Maybe you’ll use a deck of cards or dice to create
your own passionate play. Perhaps you’ll adapt a
sport game for the bedroom. Or maybe you’ll just
want to use your bodies as the props. It doesn’t
matter. Simply get excited and unleash some

And even while some games only consist of familiar
tips and moves, you'll be using them in new
scenarios, which actually makes them feel new.

4. Set a romantic mood

People often think that using candles, music,
incense and even rose petals to set the mood of
their lovemaking is too “cliché.” Are they kidding!
Your partner will LOVE YOU for this. Just imagine
how happy you would feel if someone went to all the
trouble to create a special lovemaking occasion
that you can cherish for years to come. Could this
be so “cliché” because people enjoy it so much?
Point made.

5. Give them a sexy massage

Why stop at setting the mood? Go one step further
and give your partner a sensual massage that makes
them feel relaxed and loved at the same time. Make
it sexy, sensual, and pleasurable. Massage them
naked or build up the anticipation by having them
slowly undress during the massage. Then kiss,
caress and slowly transition “under the sheets”
where a massage of another kind can take place.

And no, you don’t need years of study to give a
great massage. Just grab some candles and music,
and bless your partner with an experience they’ll
never forget.

6. Please your partner with more oral sex

Did you know that oral sex is a great way to
strengthen your relationship? Think about it. It
takes a lot of trust and comfort to let somebody
have their mouth down there. Not to mention it’s
great for men who want to relax without pressure to
perform, and for women who can’t reach orgasm from
only intercourse. In short, it’s an important part
of foreplay. Here are some tips for both men and

Ladies: Women often start fellatio by sucking on
the penis straightaway when, actually, they should
start with some playful teasing and soft touches.
This will lead to a much more powerful orgasm as it
heightens his anticipation.

Gentlemen: A mistake men often make is moving their
tongue in a thrusting fashion, when stimulating the
vagina and clitoris orally. Instead, they should
lick it like an ice cream cone, and use your lips and your tongue. Another fun tip
to keep things exciting is to write the alphabet around the clitoris with your tongue. Be playful!

7. Use household items

It makes sense that to spice things up you need to
do something different. The more unique the
experience, the more it fires up your lovemaking.
Well, just recently I've found one of the very BEST
ways to keep things passionate and exciting. It’s
by using household items.

Huh? That's right! There are literally 100's of
household items you can play with in your house.
Everything from a rolling pin for a massage, or a clothes pin as a nipple clamp, ice
for a cool sensation, cards for a naughty game or
sheepskin that feels soft under your skin.

By dedicating time to finding new items, you can
turn ordinary lovemaking into extraordinary
lovemaking for longer, and keep it that way. And
while positions and techniques get old quickly,
these items add a NEW LEVEL to your lovemaking that
normal lovemaking just can't do. This is the
sure-fire way to make sure your lovemaking stays
passionate, pleasurable, and intimate for years to

In fact, unlike all the other suggestions, using
household items for foreplay and intercourse proves
to be the most unique and powerful way to spice up

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of
"Sex All Around The House - Using Everyday
Household Items To Spice Up Your Sex Life," helping
you get in the mood, prolong the passion and create
totally new sensations. Handpicked from over 1500
tips. Click here to read more!

This book had so many fun and sexy tips for hot lovemaking!

Here is one of my favorites on the secrets of giving the woman, or women in your life the kind of orgasms that they crave and DESERVE!

The Orgasm Black Book - G-spot secrets and so much more! Great for those that want to teach your woman to squirt

Friday, April 2, 2010

I found out that my absolute favorite sex toy feels amazing for a man too!

If you have watched some of my nasty, screaming, shaking orgasms on video or seen some of my more explicit photos, you will often times see this wonderful Hitachi magic wand pressed firmly against my clit. I absolutely LOVE the way it feels as it literally vibrates my entire pussy and makes my clit explode over and over with body shaking orgasms!

This week I discovered that those same vibrations feeel at least as good to a man as they feel to me. This is the only vibrator that I own that really delivers the kind of vibrations that cause me to reach for it over and over again. There are no batteries. It plugs directly into the wall with a nice long cord, and that plug makes all the difference in the world.

I was vibrating my clit while my man was fucking me and he started moaning and shaking and talking about how he could feel the vibrations through every part of his cock. He pumped me full of one of the biggest load of cum that I have ever had inside of me, and screamed very loudly as he did it!

I kept my Magic Wand pressed firmly against my clit and had 3 amazing orgasms as I felt his cum oozing out of my wet, sloppy pussy. I was already starting to build to another orgasm as I heard him say "Hey, let me try that thing". I passed it over to him and he put it right on the head of his cock. He jumped a bit as he felt the vibration and then immediately started moaning. His cock went from totally limp to rock hard in about 5 seconds. He said that it actually made him think about what it must feel like when I vibrate my clit.

I was so turned on by that idea! I got up on my hands and knees and took the tip of his cock into my mouth as he vibrated the shaft. I could feel his head swelling as it vibrated inside of my mouth. Moments later I felt my mouth being flooded with his 2nd load of cum. I vibrated him back to hardness a total of 5 times and he came every single time! We will be getting double value from this amazing sex toy from now on! This is the lowest price I have ever found one for.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I went sex toy shopping with a Fanclub member!

Hello dirty panty fans! It has been 2 weeks since my last blog post, and I have been so busy! I was a bit swamped with panty orders there for a bit, but have finally caught up. I had a great experience last week with a very fun and nasty Candian customer. He was in the market for some new anal toys and he had been looking at some of the ones that I recommend, so I decided to go shopping with him!

We both logged in to my favorite discount Sex Toy Shop and started shopping. If you buy any sex toys, or fetish items through my link, you get 15 minutes of free access to one of the largest xxx porn video sites on the internet. You get immediate access and it is completely free with every order! You can easily search for every fetish, kink, or category that you want to see and then use your minutes any way that you want to.

Here is what we picked out, and the prices to give you an idea.

$5.04 These are the Jumbo Thai Anal beads and I loved them, and the price so much that I also got a pair for myself! I love the way that they feel as they pop in and out of my ass. These made me squirt the 1st time I used them!

$8.25 Irridescent purple medium Butt Plug - I didn't have to buy one of these for myself because I already own 2 of them and you can see videos of me using them here.

$19.14 Flex A Pleasure egg Vibrator - Purple This egg is going to feel so good vibrating in his ass. I am going to watch him on cam as he puts this in. You can have everything shipped directly and discreetly to you, but I agreed to use it first before I sent it to him. I made a video of me fucking my pussy and getting it nice and creamy for him!

$15.04 Adjustable beaded Nipple clamps - I am going to make him wear these and then release them as he starts to cum!

He also bought some toy cleaner for $5 and becuase he is such a sweetheart, he bought this big black dildo for me. I am going to make several videos of myself fucking this big, sexy black cock. It feels so realistic and the suction cup works so well in my shower that I had trouble pullin g it off. It is AMAZING! I LOVE IT!

Would you like to shop with me... or for me? remember, you get 15 minutes of free x-Rated porn with every order!
Just visit my Discount Sex Toy Shop.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

peinture sur corps - means Body paint.. or Sexy naked painted girsl in English

Hi! again, something abit different today. This is a power point presentaion of naked women with clothing painted onto their sexy bodies so they can go out in public. I want to be painted! This looks fun and very sexy. Enjoy! I also just uploaded a new video "Extra Creamy Ovulation sex" to my Fanclub area and to my clip store.

Here are the naked painted women! Just click and download or open.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Lindsey Vonn, Gold medalist in swimsuit pics and video!

I ha heard that she was in the next swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. I had to see this sexy gold medalist, and wanted to share it with you too. There are 45 sexy pictures and a very fun, sexy video. I hope you enjoy them like I did! Kisses to all of you!


I have new updates in my clips store that have been very popular! Cum and take a look!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ode to Hooters!

Good morning! I have something a bit different for you this morning. This is a power point presentaion extolling the wondrous virtues of the female form, and breasts specifically! It does have sound and nudity so be careful of when you open it. Just, click, download, and enjoy. I found my self rubbing my legs together by the end of it.


Kisses and breasts!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My 1st time sniffing panties story was published on Literotic!

I posted my story about the first time I sniffed my own pussy on a pair of panties to Literotica and I am excited to say that the feedback has been fantastic!    My story still completely turns me on! Let me know if you like it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wow! What a fun and crazy week!

I am finally back after my very fun, sexy, naughty las Vegas trip, and an unbelievably sexy Super Bowl party with some very good friends. You can see me and some of my girlfriends huddling up at halftime of the Superbowl party... See the Pool board on the table? I am the 2nd one from the bottom with my ass up in the air.

We made it after a night of drinking and partying, and I was soooo horny. I came soo hard, and more than once!

Here is a fun ass shaking video that I made as an extra treat for one of my annual Fanclub members who is in the Army and stationed overseas.  Anything for a sexy soldier!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another favorite pair of Leopard print panties, plus a short video of me shaking my big, sexy ass!

I love these silky, satin Leopard prints too. I figured since I showed you 1 pair, I might as well show you both of them! I have some naughtier panty play videos, plus lots of videos of me out of my panties as well. You can download almost any of my videos immediately, discreetly, and very reasonably at my clip store. You can get every video and hundreds of my favorite explicit pics by joining my Fanclub. Thank you for taking a look at my blog. I would love for you to follow me, or comment.. Are you out there? Do you like the daily pics?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's Leopard print panties

These are one of my favorite pair of Victoria's Secret panties. They are silky and feel so wonderful snuggled up between my lips and cheeks. Sometimes I just love to wear pair of my sexiest panties just because I love them!

Which picture do you like better?

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have curves in ALL of the right places! Do panty lovers enjoy breasts too?

I know many of you love curvy women like me with a big sexy ass, and nice round breasts. I also have long, thick super sensitive nipples that immediately make my pussy wet when they are sucked. Here are some of my favorite pictures of my breasts for you to enjoy. Let me know if you like them! I love having cum running down between my cleavage.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures of my creamy panties.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was really creamy, and if the panties that I send off have a nice creamy stain in the crotch. The real answer is not always. I am at my creamiest for about 8 -10 days per month, around the time that I am ovulating. It is usually about the 10th to 20th but it does vary a little bit.

You can always request that I wear your panties during this time if you prefer. The scent also changes a bit during the month, but is always very nice. By the way, as you can see in the pics, I now use the highest quality Ziploc brand baggies. They seal very tightly and I can squeeze all of the air out. The panties stay much fresher than they did when I was using a cheaper brand. Here are some recent pictures of some of the panties that I have mailed to happy customers. By the way, I am at my creamiest right now if you want a pair!

Sweet Creamy Kisses!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are you a fan of women who squirt?

I haven't mentioned it yet in my blog so I thought I should! I always thought squirting was fake, or it was really just pee, until I met my husband about 3 1/2 years ago. He loved making women cum so hard that they squirted and assured me that there was a great chance that he could help me do it too.

I was very skeptical at first, and it didn't work until about the 5th time we tried. I realized that I had gotten very close before, but I need to relax into that moment and allow the release to happen. OMG, I am glad that I did! The orgasms are so intense, and the sensations are absolutely incredible. He loves to put his face right down there and let me squirt it right into his mouth. Sometime when I am extremely turned on, I will start squirting when he is fucking me, and he says he can feel it squirting out around his cock. He always cums so hard when this happens!

My most amazing squirting orgasms so far have been with my big glass dildo, with an over sized head. There is something about the way that head hits my G-spot that literally opens up my floodgates!  I am multi-orgasmic and very, very loud when I cum, especially when I start to squirt.

I never would have believed that I could squirt my cum 4 or 5 feet across the entire king sized bed, but that is exactly what happens! I am happy to be able to share these very special orgasms with you! If you are a man, woman or couple that is interested in squirting then I would be glad to share more about my experiences with you. I love helping others learn how to squirt!
Wet kisses!  Swingers Squirt so much more often than vanillas!  http://swingerparties.org

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Curvy girls, Panties, Pictures, and videos

I have always loved the way that sexy women looked in a pair of panties, and I have always especially liked curvy girls. I am not much for the skinny look on a woman although I have seen some that I still thought were quite sexy. I admit it. I love big round butts, and big voluptuous breasts. I like to be able to really feel a woman's softness when I make love with her! I am very bisexual if you weren't aware of that yet.

I love men though, and I always will. I like a strong man with some meat on his bones. I don't like the skinny boys much, at least not to actually have sex with...

Anyway, as soon as I decided to start selling my used panties online, I had to start taking pictures. Everyone, understandably wanted pictures of me in the panties that I was going to be wearing for the. I completely understand, because how else are you going to know that those dirty knickers that you are sniffing were actually worn by a woman? At first I was nervous about taking pictures, but my photographer (and lover) was very helpful and encouraging. I feel for the girls that are taking their pictures themselves with a self timer! It is so much more fun, and the pictures cum out so much better with a sexy photographer that loves curvy butts and breasts, and sexy panties as much as I do!

Now we have taken hundreds and hundreds of pictures, some of them in panties, and many of them out of panties. I started having customers making special requests for me to masturbate in the panties and to make some videos of me doing it. Once again, I was nervous at first, and then really started to have fun and enjoy it once we got started. I have now made many sexy panty videos, and that led us to make much naughtier x-rated videos as well. Now I offer a free video or pictures with every worn panty order I receive and I also have a growing number of fans, friends, and customers who have joined my Creamymilf Fan Club which gives them Unlimited Access to ALL of my videos and my most explicit pictures. I am uploading new pics and adding more videos all of the time. My Fanclub members get access to all of it, and can download any of it right to their computer.

I would love to have some followers on my blog, to encourage me to continue adding more pictures and true stories of a woman who gets turned on selling her dirty panties to sexy men all over the world!